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Perinatal Care

Lymphatic drainage treatments is the support you are looking for during pregnancy and postpartum.  A healthy Lymphatic system means all the other systems of the body are functioning optimally.  Starting in the  second or third trimester is setting you up for not only a smoother delivery but an easier postpartum recovery.  Enjoy this relaxing “me” time that you need and deserve.  Put your mind at ease as you are not only taking care of yourself and your baby but you are stimulating your own bodies ability to heal rapidly without any medication or surgery.  Feel lighter and more energetic in your pregnancy and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

4 reasons why women should be getting lymphatic drainage treatments in pregnancy and postpartum 

Regular lymphatic drainage treatments can cut recovery time by two thirds. How? Treatments accelerates your lymphatic system from 3-7 pulses a minute to 30 pulses a minute for 6-12 hours, giving their body the boost to process all that extra fluid.  You will feel lighter and more energetic.  Feeling fatigued and heavy is not all due to the weight of the baby but from the lymphatic system being taxed on top of that.  Once fluid is being flushed out of the tissue then rapid healing begins.  


Also, If a woman delivers her baby via cesarean this is another additional load on her body that she must heal from as well as everything stated above.  Surgery is trauma to the body and hard even if pregnancy does not come in play. 

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