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Linh Le
Lymphatic Drainage Therapist


What is different about working with me?

Education you will get a solid understanding of your lymphatic system that will not only help you focus on your end goal but will help you in your health for years to come.


Comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and medication.  Although, treatments are extremely beneficial for most, there is a small percentage of people with certain medical conditions that can not receive this work.  For those who can receive all factors of health conditions are considered in treatment.


Tailored treatment plan  Each session is targeted to what you need right now.  No matter if we are working towards your goals or something has popped up for you (a headache or back pain for example) Each one of you treatments will be adjusted to your needs in the moment.


Most effective treatments The precision of a therapist that has done the highest tier of training, that not only understands what they are doing but why they are doing it.  With This foundation in knowledge, experience, and precise touch, you will be receiving the most effective treatments therefore having the best results at the fastest rate possible.  

The Full Story

Linh has been a massage therapist since 2015.  She started training in 2018 in the Vodder method from the Vodder School International, which is the gold standard of lymphatic drainage.  She is a teacher’s assistant for the school of MLD and will be teaching in 2025. She collaborates and consults with her mentor on regular bases, who was a Vodder teacher of 17 years and has been a therapist for 35 years, where her hands are checked to ensure the precision that is needed to give the most effective treatments possible. She has committed her practice to lymphatic drainage as this light yet power treatment is very much needed for all kinds of people.  


In 2018, she has her first child.  She struggled with nursing and later found out that her child was tongue tied.  This caused many problems with not just the baby but with her ability to produce milk and also brought on clogged ducts very often. She finally found a solution with lymphatic drainage and discovered how helpful it was during the perinatal stage during her second pregnancy.


Years later after her training began, she continues to get regular treatments from colleagues for any injury.e the most effective treatments possible  Having first hand experience with shoulder and ankle injuries healing in less than a week instead of months. 


When Linh isnt giving treatments to patients, you can find her in her garden, taking care of the food she grows as well as her tropical houaeplant collection.  She has a healthy respect for mother nature as well as the amazing human body.  

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